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Your Goals.

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Daniel thinking about the needs of his clients

I'm Daniel E. Akinshola - Life Coach, Actor, Artistic & Creative Director 

I want to work with you to achieve, touch and grasp on that dream you desire. Why?

My father was very rich but died in his prime and with his death, swiftly followed my privileges and luxuries. I had to fasten my self to the narrow and painful path of harsh survival.


Amidst the dark and dangerous days of youth, I was lucky to dedicate myself to the study of motivational books like the seven habits of highly effective people by Steven Covey, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman


Personal & Group
Therapy Sessions

Family Problems


Business Failure

Stress Issues

Greif & Loss

Online Sessions


Magical & Inspirational lessons
for people seeking help

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

This specialty covers the entire spectrum of human connection. The aim is to develop healthier and more satisfying

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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

“What should I do with my life?” This is a very common question. Are you grappling with burnout and the desire to shift into

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Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching

Mindset involves an understanding that our actions are influenced by emotions, which often stem from the thoughts and beliefs

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Youth Counseling

Dan is a life changer, having magical skills for helping people achieve their goals

~ Kate Mark , August 2020

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Phone: +1 778 - 791- 9698

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Mon - Fri : 9.00am to 5.00pm

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