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A Special Feeling

There is always a fair share of downs in life. I’m not sure if there is anyone who hasn’t been sad, discouraged or heart broken at instances while living on this planet. Our interactions with others can leave a good feeling or sometimes the contrary may be the case. Sometimes, it may even be intra-action within us. I know I reflect a lot on my actions, decisions, and choices. I confess, I often come to places of regret, blame and sadness sometimes. Which ever way we look at it, we all have feelings. Apart from feelings, another thing we have and use a lot is our thinking. We think about things, we process situations, and try to find meaning. It is this thinking that determines how we feel about issues. Its often unusual to feel without thinking. First something happens, then we think about it, then we feel a certain way. Question is what kind of feeling or feelings do we get? Do we like these feelings? Are these feelings helpful in making our day great? If you are like me and fall into the group that want our feelings to be positive, happy, and pleasurable then we need to know this, it is all about gratitude. Hang on, what has that got to do with anything? I will explain, gratitude starts off our thinking in the right way. Remember, our thinking affects our feelings, so if we can start of our thinking the right way we would undoubtedly get good feelings. And that is one easy way to rise from a low ebb. Gratitude leads to “Great Altitudes”. Rather of thinking of what I don’t have, I can think of what I do have. Rather than thinking of the person who left you, think about those who still love you. Rather than the job you lost, think about the skills you gained and what you can do with it. And the best part is saying thank you to one another for kind gestures. Let’s try this and see how much our spirit and soul will rise. Practice gratitude and soar to great altitudes. Till we chat again, laugh daily, remember there is so much in your future to look forward too and most of all, practice gratitude among each other.

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