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Language of Shadows

A shadow is created when an object is in the path of light. I remember walking back home from school as a child, looking at my shadow move. They were long shadows in the late afternoon sun. Some shadows dont fade with age, rather they grow with age. Shadows from the past can be likened to memories. Incidents from many moons ago may still have an effect on the present and most of all, on our behaviour and choices. These long shadows and experiences from the past can affect motivation and interest in our own goals. Now because they are shadows, they are not easily noticeable, they are out of conscious sight and may be the reason some struggle to have confidence to achieve a goal. It is often easier to see other peoples

shadow and not our own. If everyone has a shadow,

it then means everyone has a form of light. This is where it gets interesting. Remember the song "this little light of mine.....", well its true, everyone has a light. Listen to this, "you only see your shadow when you take your eyes off the light". We only see limitations when we remove our focus from our strengths

and gifts. It is impossible to focus on both at the same time. The choice we have to make is to keep our gaze on our light, nurture our light, preserve, promote, protect that light so it becomes brighter and brightens the path of others as well. Remember, the fact that we focus on the light does not mean the shadows dont exist, we only shift our gaze and mindset to positive things. The Language of Shadows is then this: The more you see your shadow, the farther your gaze is from your light. The more you focus on your strengths, the less you see your weaknesses. What is your gift? What are your strengths? What is your little light that needs to shine.? Lets Chat!

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