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Complete set of convenient programs to help you overcome blocks to your goals

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Are you Broke?

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Need a Goal?

Problem in Love?

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Feeling Low?

Dan's Coaching will help you overcome blocks to your goals giving you an awareness of your uniqueness while supporting you to design a new mindset to actualize your goals

I want to work with you to achieve, touch and grasp on that dream you desire. Why?

My father was very rich but died in his prime and with his death, swiftly followed my privileges and luxuries. I had to fasten my self to the narrow and painful path of harsh survival.


Amidst the dark and dangerous days of youth, I was lucky to dedicate myself to the study of motivational books like the seven habits of highly effective people by Steven Covey, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman, The songs of Solomon by King Solomon himself and various proverbs and sayings from people who walked the earth before you and me. I sought to find meaning to life.


Today I stand a master of humility, an accomplished screen director, a thespian by passion, a manager, a student, a Life Coach and a father. Allow me to share some of these truths with you and learn from you at the same time. If you are ready to truly attain that goal, no matter what the goal is; listen, for you to think about it, that means the goal exists. You just need to work your way to it. I strongly want to share this experience of growth with you. Get in touch, let’s talk for 10 minutes, free of course. If you feel it is time for your dreams, let us begin.

With best regards,


International Institute of Complimentary Therapists – Premier Member.


Burnout and Fatigue Coaching

Do you feel overworked, weak, helpless, tired, and stressed? Did you know that burnout and exhaustion were already an epidemic before the COVID-19 pandemic? In 2019, the World Health Organization officially classified "Burn Out" as an occupational phenomenon defined as "a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed." (WHO). You will not only discover better ways of coping, but you will learn about at least three mighty strengths within you. Let’s begin this journey with a 10-minute free conversation together. You have worked hard to be where you are, you deserve to enjoy your labours in comfort.

This is suitable for:

  • Individuals who really need to slow down or cope with serious stress

  • Teams that want to manage workplace stress and reignite staff

Mindset and Accountability Coaching

Mindset involves an understanding that our actions are influenced by emotions, which often stem from the thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world.

Develop the “right” mindset, perspectives and beliefs that best fits with your lifestyle, values, and goals. Whether your ambition is to run a marathon or launch a new business venture, success comes when your goals, perspective, and habits are aligned. There is nothing, absolutely nothing strong enough to stop an empowered mind. This becomes easier when you deeply become aware of yourself.

This is suitable for:

  • Individuals that desire a more positive mindset in daily living

  • Teams that need to create a more productive mindset to achieve team goals


Career Coaching

“What should I do with my life?” This is a very common question. Are you grappling with burnout and the desire to shift into something new, but aren’t sure how to make the transition? Are you trying to carve a new path or seeking the right path to take? Do you need to find clarity and map your next steps through positive inquiry and strengths assessments? The fact is as long as the world exists, there will always be a demand for services. Those who provide the services form careers out this demand. However, to be truly successful in a certain field there are some questions you will need to ask and answer. No one knows you better than you, so only you can find this answer. My job will be to travel the road to this exciting self-discovery with you.

This is suitable for:

  • Individuals that need to choose or change a career

  • Teams that need to define and sharpen their career goals

Relationship Coaching

This specialty covers the entire spectrum of human connection. The aim is to develop healthier and more satisfying relationships of all kinds: couples, parents and children (youth, or adults!), between co-workers, and among friends.


If you hunger for more satisfying interpersonal relationships, this is your day. Relationship coaching involves collaborating with you to identify tools and mindset shifts that will result in improving the most important connections in your life.


You will enjoy exploration of your relationships. Whether you are processing a difficult breakup, seeking a better relationship with a parent, or just seek to widen the circle of your close friends, I will walk alongside you through the process, and help you come out the other side with new skills and internal resources that actually work.

This is suitable for:

  • Individuals needing skills for friendship, relationship and being active in the community.

  • Couples who need to get real with each other and move to the next level.

  • Teams that want to jet propel team bonding and synergy


Leadership & Executive Coaching

The scope of leadership coaching includes helping executives build and manage high performing teams, supporting mid-level managers as they transition into broader leadership roles, and guiding ambitious young professionals seeking to accelerate their career advancement. As your coach, I will be your trusted listener and partner in progress. This can include exploring complex management issues or bouncing potential scenarios before rolling out tough decisions.

You will also foster strong self-management skills. Emotional intelligence and wise leadership comes first from within. Self-aware leaders have the potential to create a profound ripple effect that benefits an entire organization and creates a profound impact. I have walked the talk as a manager and CEO and possess the experience necessary to serve as a credible mentor and peer to fellow leaders, with their permission.

This is suitable for:

  • Individuals who lead or want to lead, and need to hone exceptional leadership skills

  • Executive teams with goals only strong leadership can enhance.

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